Welcome to Seattle Maintenance Solutions: Quality - The Roots of Our Business.

 Seattle Maintenance Solutions is the most experienced and diverse maintenance based design and build company in the Pacific Northwest. With a vast and diverse selection of services offered you may be asking yourself, how can one company offer all of these amazing services under one roof?   The answer is simple.... coordination, planning, development, and industry specific specialists. Our specialists are hand picked to provide you with optimum service and attention to every detail.  We staff the most knowledgeable specialists who have the years of experience necessary to complete any project that you may be considering.

At Seattle Maintenance Solutions we stand alone as the one source for all of your landscape, construction, and maintenance needs. We pride ourselves on having the ability to provide you with every single service imaginable, with unparalleled excellence. At Seattle Maintenance Solutions we can offer you what no other company can: Total Consolidation.

Let Seattle Maintenance Solutions handle your commercial properties; Imagine the ease of having one company handle all of your landscape and irrigation needs, one company changing out of all your lighting, one company handling all of your lot sweeping, one company handling all of your overnight janitorial services, (buffing, cleaning, striping and waxing, etc.) one company handling signage, pressure washing, snow removal, and porter services....  Imagine all of these services and much more under one roof. That way there is only one bill to pay, one company to call, and one point of contact. Imagine considerable savings and top notch 24 hour service. Trust us and get the best service and workmanship in the Pacific Northwest. We are trusted by Wal -Mart, Bank of America, city police and fire municipalities, parks and recreation and many, many more. Let us serve you as we serve others.....

Trust Seattle Maintenance Solutions with every need and project around your home. How would you love to pick up the phone or send an e-mail to one company and have the answers to all aspects your next project? How would you love to have immediate attention to an unexpected emergency at your fingertips?  Think of how easy it would be to call Seattle Maintenance Solutions and know that there isn't anything we don’t do. Our specialist provide full landscape services, landscape construction, roofing, remodeling, concrete work, fencing, decking,  drainage, emergency plumbing, painting, gutter work, etc. You may say to yourself "this is too good to be true." Well it is not. We do everything the best because we know you are busy and life is always throwing curve balls. Trust us with your projects and service needs and we will prove to you that we are the most qualified, and the company best suited to serve all of your needs. We are the one company who has hired the best specialists to handle your projects and needs with the professional quality you deserve.... We hit curve balls out of the park.......

We are your experienced experts for all of your maintenance, construction, and landscape needs. With over 50 years of experience; we are the industry leader that you can trust. We handle jobs of all sizes from changing out light fixtures to designing parking lots…. There isn’t a job too small or too large. Whether the project will take 15 minutes or 6 months, we will provide you with the best service the Pacific Northwest has to offer…. From conception to completion, we will design, build, and install the best construction, landscaping, engineering, and architectural projects that you have. With a full team of architects, engineers, and installers we are the company best qualified to build your new home, re roof your existing home, design and install beautiful landscapes for your residential and commercial properties, and maintain your existing commercial, residential, or industrial properties. We handle maintenance from the inside out. There isn’t anything we don’t do. From janitorial, handyman / carpentry, and lot sweeping, to snow removal and landscape maintenance; we are the company that you can trust. There isn’t anything we can’t handle..... With Seattle Maintenance Solutions the possibilities are infinite…… Quality: the roots of our business.